“I was proud to call her my friend even though I am 53 and she was 10. She was delightful to know, never saying an unkind word about anyone.”

"With her sweet, round face, blue eyes, brown curls, and amazing voice, to say that Natalia lit up the stage would be a gross understatement. The one thing that sticks with me to this day is that it was so fitting that she was chosen to sing the song, “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” because that seemed to be Natalia’s motto in her everyday life. I never saw Natalia with anything less than a shy smile on her face for each and every person that she met.”

"​I met Natalia through our church and thought she was the cutest little girl I had ever seen. I think she probably was about 3. As she grew we began a special friendship.”

​"I soon found out that one of her passions was theater. She loved being on stage! I loved hearing how excited she was preparing for an audition and hoping for a particular part. She even brought in a video to share with everyone in clinic of her performing in the musical “Annie”. We were all blown away with how she took over the stage. Her voice had such confidence and grace, and I’ll always remember how she beamed.”

“When I think about Natalia, what immediately comes to mind is her enormous adoration of her parents and her two older brothers. Her world revolved around them and their world without a doubt revolved around her. I have rarely witnessed a family with such an attachment to one another.”
Natalia's Endless Love

​"Natalia was the kind of girl who was more interested in other people and their needs and didn’t talk about her own.”

"Natalia never dwelled on not feeling well. She just continued to play and make others smile. She loved to sing and act in plays. She loved art and just being a little girl.”

"In one manner she had this ability that reminded one what it was like to be little and appreciate one’s childhood. In other ways, she had this “old-soul” quality that allowed her to relate to adults in a way that she could hold conversations, talk about a variety of subjects and she not only listened to what others said, she remembered conversations and small details that one would not expect of someone her age."
​“Natalia had a gift… a gift of giving. I’ve never seen a child at such a young age so giving. She gave Emily a gift of true friendship. Emily wasn’t popular in school. In fact, she didn’t seem to fit in with the girls and was often alone and outcast. Try as I might, it hurt me to see her not included in birthday parties and sleepovers. Natalia didn’t live near us. Emily and Natalia became pen pals.. They would spend hours on the phone everyday. She was Emily’s first best friend and remained so. Emily’s day was always brightened by the phone ringing and Natalia being on the other end. Natalia supported Emily and always cheered her up. Emily drew on Natalia’s strength and courage as she fought her illness. This is a lesson in life few adults have learned.”

​"She was ALWAYS thinking of others before herself and she made thoughtful gestures towards others on so many occasions. When I think of the concept of random acts of kindness, it reminds me of how Natalia lived her life.”

"She saw the beauty in everyone... the beauty in life.  She was one-of-a-kind and was meant to do something amazing."
" She transformed her focus into helping others, encouraging them, making them smile... always bringing joy to others.  She felt for those who were less fortunate. Despite what she had been through, she wanted to do more."
"She had a gentleness about her and a kindness in her smile.”
August 28, 2010  Kennebunkport, Maine

“I cannot express in words what Natalia meant to my daughter and what a lasting impression she had made. My daughter is a better person for knowing her.”

 The best way to learn about Natalia is through the people that she touched. Some of the thoughts expressed about Natalia...

These are only some of the writings of individuals who expressed their feelings about our Natalia... She was vibrant and enthusiastic and loved life. 

The most amazing thing of all though is that Natalia LOVED through it all. ALL, meaning through EVERYTHING...

Natalia was a child that was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 6. Natalia NEVER made anyone aware of her illness nor did she let it define her. She was a pure transformer, in that she was able to transform her negative experiences into truly amazing outcomes that could bring a smile to someone’s face. She worked at it, and she ALWAYS succeeded. She NEVER gave up on anything nor anyone. Natalia wanted to make the world a better place for all those around her. She wanted EVERYONE to BE LOVED, like she was…for she knew “true love”. She saw the goodness in people and knew that SHE could make a difference.. and the amazing thing was, SHE DID.  

Natalia may not be here on this earth, but she is still working. She is bringing joy with her angels, with her dolls, and her artwork that she left on this earth to continue, to share… By sharing these gifts …Natalia’s Angels, Natalia’s Gift, and Natalia’s Art with you all, we are sharing our Natalia with you and SHE is sharing HER GIFT OF GIVING.

For those who knew her and for those who didn’t, know that she is watching over all. She is painting the skies, singing with the birds, and flying with the angels…. We hope that you are moved by Natalia’s website, Natalia’s Endless Love… Her love is endless and continues in YOU…MAY YOU PASS IT ON….

I had "The BEST DAY with you.... 

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 "The measure of a person's live is the affect they have on others....    -Steve Nash-
Natalia and Taylor.... August 2010