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"The warmth of an angel's light can comfort and illuminate the whole world."                              
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The History Behind Natalia's Angels...
  Natalia loved angels and was always drawn to them.  In the summer of 2012 she spied a handmade yarn angel at a craft fair and at Christmastime that year, Natalia made angels, similar to the one that she saw, but with her own flair… hand-painted faces and hand-written messages of “Angels are watching over you”…. with the intention of giving them to the children at the hospital.  After all, Natalia knew hospitals, . and for those children, she wanted to bring them comfort...

Some of the recipients of Natalia's Angels have said....  

“My entire family has been moved by this young girl, who showed so much love and compassion for her age, that we will be working with her family to make the same angel ornaments to keep Natalia’s giving legacy alive and to continue to bring smiles to the faces of others….”

"One of my favorite memories of Natalia that I will always hold dear is when Natalia’s mother called the clinic to find out a time to make a 'special delivery.' Natalia had taken time to make handmade angel ornaments that were so beautiful. They were breathtaking 
to behold and each was different from the other.”

“The angels are positively beautiful. I was so touched to receive them today and have already handed out two that were very much appreciated and admired how beautiful they were. I will be sure and hand them out to those that need them and will appreciate them very much.”

“Natalia’s beauty embodies those little angels-they are so precious.. Thank you for entrusting me with them."

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Natalia's friends making angels
Over 1000 of Natalia's Angels have been sent all over the world...
Recently traveled to Finland and delivered Natalia's Angels there.
Providing and partnering with Grieving Children Foundations including:
Hearts United Against Cancer Foundation, Brooke's Place, Supporting Kidds, Sophia's Hope, Open to Hope, The Sharing Place as well as many other community organizations.
Suggested donation: $9.95 each