Natalia's Endless Love
​"Her love is endless....
We are a nonprofit organization.  We help provide LOVE, COMFORT, and JOY by providing special gifts to those in need including grieving children, community organizations, and individuals. 

  Natalia Theresa graced this earth with her beauty and smile for 10 short years. Yet, during her presence, she accomplished more than most in a lifetime....A special little girl with a huge heart who knew true love and more concerned with the well being of others, Natalia was blessed with a unique gift of making them feel special.  It was as if she were a ray of light.. the sun..  Always a smile on her face, even during her most difficult of struggles, Natalia was a true model of pure love and grace, adept at using that quality to draw loved ones together. 
   Natalia may not be here in presence but she undoubtedly continues to show the world from heaven how to unite hearts in her own special way through her Angels, Dolls, and Artwork and with her message that we all need to be MORE LOVING and MORE GIVING...

"She sprouted love like it was flowers, grew a garden in her mind, and even on her darkest days from her smile, the sun still shined..." -e.h.

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